Nicaragua hopes free zones will attract more shoe firms


Nicaragua’s state agency for promoting inward investment, ProNicaragua, said at the start of the year that it plans to expand the country’s use of duty free zones.

ProNicaragua’s executive director, Javier Chamorro, singled out footwear manufacture as one of the sectors he is keenest to attract. He told local media that he would set up a forum during the first half of 2012 to show footwear manufacturing firms what Nicaragua can offer. He said the success two Brazilian footwear firms are having in the Central American country should encourage others.

He said the forum should take place in June and that he had hopes of convincing representatives of 45 footwear manufacturing companies from Asia, South America, Europe and the US to attend.

Mr Chamorro said Nicaragua has the ability to be a very competitive shoe manufacturing location and added that it was an industry that appeals to him because of its potential for creating large numbers of jobs.

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