Stampede For Nike Shoes Closes US Shopping Centre


A shopping precinct in the US was locked down and evacuated after a stampede of a 150 people who were queuing to purchase US brand Nike’s new Foamposite trainers

Shoppers had been waiting outside a Footlocker store in Maryland to buy the new shoes overnight when people began jumping the queue on the morning of Saturday 4 February.

The Washington County Sheriff’s office said around 15 officers were called to the Valley Mall after a disturbance was reported. Sheriff Douglas Mullendore told local media that the release of the new shoe drew shoppers from as far away as Washington, over 70 miles away.

Mr Mullendore said after the centre was locked down, customers were escorted into the shoe store a few at a time.


Police said some of the patrons claimed they had been in line waiting to buy the shoes since 7.30pm on Friday 3 February. The Foot Locker store had 90 pairs of the new shoes in stock, all of which were sold by 10am.


“When rare shoes are released to the public, people commonly buy them at a store, then sell them for a higher price over the internet,” Mr Mullendore said.

He said the Nike Foam, which costs more than $200, could fetch more than $500 online.

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