Multiforce Series is a model with multiform stroke-end system, covered by international patent. The cutting press automatically adjusts the cutting force according to the die size, no matter how resistant or thick is the material to be cut.


The 70-year experience in designing and manufacturing clicking presses is a guarrantee of products of great reliability, low consumption, no mainteinance and quick return of investment. the exclusive hardware designed by atom ensures steady cut pressure all day long, maximum speed, cutting accuracy and arm rotation easiness with less operator’s fatigue.

Multiform is a unique automatic power setting-up system. The Atom Multiforce Oildynamic Cutting Presses ensure the best ease of use and the high productivity, thanks to the unique Multiform system, which allows to quickly switch among dies of different sizes without any setting. This system is able to automatically adapt the cutting force to any die, no matter the strength of the material, allowing to get a great cost saving in cutting pads (up to 50% less) and production time. The light swing system ensures a great ease in arm rotation for the minimum operator’s fatigue.

Technical Data

MODEL Cutting Table (mm) Arm Width (mm) Max. Cutting Power (t-kN) Size (mm) Net Weight with Oil (kg)
MF20C 900 x 430 370 20t – 196kN 900x1000x1760 630
MF9.1 900 x 450 370 22t – 216kN 900x1090x1710 910
MF9.3 1000 x 500 370 25t – 245kN 1000x1140x1710 1020
MF9.4 1000 x 500 500 25t – 245kN 1000x1160x1710 1060
MF9.5 1000 x 500 610 25t – 245kN 1000x1160x1710 1080
MF9.6 1200 x 500 610 22t – 216kN 1200x1160x1710 1100


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