Adidas Reveals Barefoot Shoe For The Gym


German sportswear brand adidas has unveiled the new ‘adipure Trainer’, the first barefoot training shoe designed specifically for the gym.

“A lot of engineering went into making your foot a high performance machine,” said Mark Verstegen, founder of Athletes’ Performance, which works with high-performance athletes and was a consultant to adidas in the design of the shoe. “To achieve your full potential during a workout, you should focus on how your foot interacts with the ground in the same way you think about how your hands interact with a stick, ball or a bat. Using your foot’s natural power and movement will help you strengthen muscles you never knew you had in your feet, lower legs and throughout your core.”

Adidas claims its new shoe “activates and strengthens muscles, builds balance and promotes dexterity”. It has an independent toe separation design and a minimalistic profile, allowing the foot to be close to the ground for optimal speed, balance and agility duringĀ  workout.

The company plans to launch its new ‘Strength & Conditioning’ program featuring the adipure Trainer and a complete line of training footwear and apparel. As part of the program, adidas has signed on Canadian ice hockey player Mike Cammalleri to promote the line in an integrated marketing campaign that begins 30 January, 2012 and runs through the month of February.

“We’re excited to have Mike Cammalleri on our team because of his passion and commitment to training for his sport,” said Jeff Cooper, director, marketing communications for adidas Canada. “To compete at the highest level, you have to make each workout count. No matter what your sport may be, the adipure Trainer will help you prepare and ultimately perform better.”

“When adidas approached me, naturally I was flattered and I quickly realized how this new shoe could help me when I train,” said Mr Cammalleri. “The NHL season is a long one and you’re constantly in the gym trying to stay at peak performance or rehabbing the bumps and bruises you get along the way. The adipure Trainer has helped me recover faster because the muscles in my legs and feet are getting a more intense workout. My balance is better and my legs feel stronger.”

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